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Is Sexy Strictly In The Eye Of The Beholder

Is 'Sexy' Strictly In The Eye Of The Beholder? What makes someone sexy has been a question of endless debate. Is it physical appearance? Personality? Attitude? Or is it a combination of all three? The answer usually depends upon who is making the assessment based upon all the factors that make others sexually appealing. Moreover, the answer is often different for men than it is for women. The common element, however, is that 'sexy', like beauty, seems to be strictly in the eye of the beholder. How Much Do Physical Characteristics Matter? When you don't know a person, physical appearance is usually the initial attraction.

After all, what else do you have to go by? Once actual contact is established, other factors come into the equation as well. Personality generally ranks second in the list of priorities to be considered. Even a beautiful woman or a gorgeous hunk of a man usually comes up short if their personality is blah and boring from the outset. Nevertheless, if the converse is true and the individual is interesting, outgoing, well spoken and obviously compatible in important ways, the attraction strengthens.

In a great many cases, looks alone stops being the significant attraction if the person embodies many other characteristics that are appealing. The evidence of that is clear when one realizes that many extremely beautiful women are going with or married to men that are just average in the looks department. The converse is also true here as well, since many very-attractive men are seen with average-looking women. Sexy frequently equates with 'nice' and both depend upon who is looking and what is most appealing to them. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder! Is Clothing Important too? Since we ordinarily don't walk around stark naked, the way a person dresses is an important part of their image. A good body is not hidden by clothing such as lingerie.

, it is often enhanced. It has frequently been said that the imagination is often better than reality and this certainly applies here. The way a person dresses definitely influences the sexuality that they project to others. Proper clothing can aid the physical characteristics a person already has and can also cover-up a multitude of physical sins.

In the latter sense, good dress makes many physical flaws and imperfections less obvious so that the positive aspects of a person get a chance to influence. On the other hand, poor dress or a sloppy, unkempt appearance suggests personality factors many won't find appealing, so, in this case, clothing can be a serious negative factor. Again, sexy is in the eye of the beholder and that eye definitely takes in the way a person dresses. General Rules and Other Factors Notwithstanding the fact that what sexy is depends upon who is looking, there are certain general rules that one should embrace if they wish to maximize the sexuality they project. These include: Dress to enhance your best features and minimize your poor ones. Even with a limited clothing budget, always wear neat, clean clothing.

Take good care of your teeth so that you present a clean, bright smile. Always have clean, shiny hair that is well groomed. Ditto for a man's beard. Project a real interest to prospective partners that interest you.

Minimize your use of time-worn 'lines' that seldom work anyway. Above all else, be yourself and be real. Do these things on a regular basis and let nature take its course. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder!.

Free Chat Line Numbers

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