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Top Tips for Success on Adult Friend Finder

Adult dating is not easy for a man. With male-to-female ratios as high as 10:1 on many adult dating sites, you could be competing against 10 other men for each woman you decide to contact! However, most other men will all make the same mistakes and fail to succeed online. Pay close attention to these top 5 tips for success with the most popular adult dating site, Adult Friend Finder - follow these simple rules and simply blast away the competition! . .1.

Fill out your profile in full. Remember to state why you're there (try not to make yourself sound desperate here) and say what you're looking for. Tell women what you do, what your hobbies are don't be afraid to be witty. Many women appreciate a quirky sense of humour - and some witty dialog can go a long way to convincing the girl who's eyeing you up that you're a normal, approachable, friendly human being - remember this is your chance to show her you're not an axe murderer! .

.2. Learn to spot the time wasters. Adult Friend Finder like most dating sites has its fair share of fakes, hookers and time-wasters. Although Adult Friend Finder does more than most dating sites to ensure all its users are who they say they are, there are always some fakes who slip through the net.

Learn to spot the signs and you could save yourself a whole load of wasted time pursuing ghosts. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! If you've had an e-mail from an unbelievably gorgeous woman half your age asking you to check out her profile on another pay-site then you should smell a rat! This is especially true if you don't even have photos of yourself posted on your profile. Just be mindful that people may not always be who they say there are and don't get carried away with excitement when the supermodel of your dreams e-mails you out of the blue! Learn to expect the occasional insincere e-mail from one or two time-wasters and take it in your stride.

. .3. Don't just concentrate all your efforts on women with pictures! This is the number 1 mistake that most men who are new to online dating make - they e-mail all the best looking women they can find and nobody else! Then they wonder why they never get anywhere! If you want to e-mail the best looking women then go for it! But remember that if she's gorgeous, every man in your local area and many from further afield will be e-mailing her too, and with male-to-female ratios as high as 10-to-1, she could be getting over 50 e-mails per day! Will your e-mail really stand out? Instead, try e-mailing women who do not have pictures posted. Just because they don't have pictures posted it doesn't mean they're not attractive. There are many reasons why a woman may not post pictures of herself, such as shyness or for reasons of privacy.

E-mail her and politely ask her for a picture. There will be far less competition for you, as far fewer men take the time to e-mail women without pictures. As a result, your chances of success will be massively increased. . .

4. Add a picture to your profile - and not just a picture of your manhood! Profiles with pictures get up to 7 times more attention than those without, so make sure you upload a set of pictures to your profile. You may wish to include a body shot if you're fit and athletic - otherwise stick to clothed pictures. Feel free to upload a picture of your manhood too if you think you're hard enough! But make sure the main picture you have posted for all to see is a picture of your face - and remember to smile! A picture with a smile is so much more attractive than one without, and it also gives the impression that you're friendly, approachable and generally a nice guy! Black and white pictures are also great, especially if you have pale skin. Use the software "Paint" that comes free with windows to change your picture to black and white - experiment a little with your pictures before you upload them! . .

5. Don't just wink away at everyone like a winking madman! Send her an e-mail and make that e-mail count! In other words, take the time to read her profile before you e-mail her. Are you the type of guy she's looking for? Complement her on her pictures, tell her a little about yourself, tell her why you decided to e-mail her in particular, and finish your email with a question. You may wish to ask her a question related to her profile - that way you'll show her that you actually took the time to read her profile! Also, if you finish your e-mail with a question you're far more likely to get a reply. If you're e-mailing lots of women then it can be very time consuming - consider creating an e-mail template and just modify it slightly for each woman you want to contact.

Remember also to attach your picture to each e-mail you send in order that it stands out more against potentially many other e-mails she'll be getting from other guys. If you don't get a reply, wait a few days and send a polite follow-up e-mail. Above all, don't sound desperate or pushy in your e-mails. Play it cool! . .

Follow our link at the bottom of the page to check out our review of Adult Friend Finder and pick up lots more tips on how to succeed online. Read our review and user reviews of Adult Friend Finder on and see exactly what this site has to offer before you join.

More tips on your success can also be found at

Good luck! .

Neil Williams is the administrator of and has reviewed over 40 different adult dating sites. Check out his review of Adult FriendFinder on his website to see how it compares with other adult dating sites.

Free Chat Line Numbers

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